Zoom is the preferred platform for CalArts Faculty, Students, and Staff conferencing and distance learning.

Faculty @calarts.edu accounts are automatically licensed.

Students do not need a Zoom license to join a meeting/class.

Signing Up for Zoom

All CalArts Faculty, Students, and Staff are encouraged to create a Zoom account by:  

  1. Going to calarts.zoom.us
  2. Click on Sign in
  3. Then click on Sign in with Google

Schedule a Zoom Meeting directly in Google Calendar!

Zoom Licenses for TA's

While Students do not need Zoom licenses to join a class, TA's may need additional capabilities and require a Zoom license to fulfill their duties.

If you are a TA and require a Zoom license, or are an Instructor requesting access on their behalf, please follow the steps below:

  • TA - Email your Instructor or Mentor requesting a Zoom Pro license.
  • Faculty -  Send an email to your appropriate School Admin informing them of the TA's who require access.
  • In the subject line, please include Zoom license for TA.
  • In the body of the email include the first / last name of the TA's as well as their email address's and the class number.
  • This information will be added into a secure document and will be processed one week prior to each semester.

Zoom Licenses for Faculty

  • Faculty should automatically be assigned Zoom Pro licenses upon the Provost office notifying CAIT of the new hire.
  • If you do not have a Pro license assigned please contact the Provost office to confirm.

Do You Need a Zoom License?

The following is a brief list of the difference between a Basic (free) Zoom account and a Licensed Zoom account:

Basic Zoom accounts can:

  • Host a 1:1 meeting (for up to 24 hours)
  • Host a 40-minute meeting with up to 100 participants
  • Create scheduled meetings
  • Join a meeting of any size
  • Share a screen
  • Record to your computer

Licensed Zoom accounts can:

  • Everything included in the above list for Basic accounts
  • Host a meeting, up to 24 hours long, with up to 100 participants
  • Facilitate manual Closed Captioning
  • Designate a co-host (also called alternative host)
  • Schedule meetings on behalf of another licensed account
  • Record to the cloud
  • Auto-transcribe meetings

Securing Your Zoom Meetings

If you are looking to add an additional layer of security to your meetings, we would encourage you to require a meeting password and enable a waiting room when setting up your events.

Specifically if you are hosting public events or are required to openly share your Zoom links then this may be for you.

Requiring a meeting password and enabling a waiting room will help prevent unauthorized guests from joining your meetings otherwise known as "Zoom-bombing".

Here are some helpful resources:

Managing Cloud Recordings

Zoom cloud recordings is an excellent feature included with Zoom Pro and has seen a significant increase in use over the last few months. With its high demand and use, we are quickly reaching our cloud storage space limitation.

To help manage these cloud recordings, we have enabled a setting that will automatically delete recordings that are older than 14 days.

We encourage anyone currently utilizing Zoom cloud storage to double check their recordings and either save those files locally or transfer them to Google Drive for archival as soon as possible.

A guide for managing these cloud recordings can be found here.

Once the files have  been backed up or downloaded, please delete them from the Zoom cloud storage to free up space for future recordings

Guides and Resources

Zoom has a ton of available features which are covered in very thorough and easy to read guides from Zoom's own support center.  

Here are some resources and guides that we have found:


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