How Do I: Change My Gender Identity?

Students, faculty and staff may often choose to use pronouns and gender identities that are not in line with their legal documentation. Through both our technological systems and daily usage, CalArts is supporting and honoring all community members through the Student Identity project. When fully updated, the software systems used across campus on a daily basis will incorporate chosen name, chosen pronoun and gender identity. 

Through the creation of a more inclusive space for the full diversity of all identities — both on campus and online — the Student Identity Project should have a positive impact every member of our community, and not just those who request to change their identifiers as a result of the project.  

Log Into HubHelper

Navigate to and sign in with your CalArts Credentials.

Choose the Gender Identity menu option.

After reviewing the introduction, choose a Personal Pronoun from the dropdown menu.

Do the same for Gender Identity, below.

For a quick lesson in usage, please visit the Trans Student Education Resource website.

That's it!

Let us know if you have any issues by submitting a ticket or sending us an email at

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