CAIT Update: December 2018

Welcome to the inaugural edition of CAIT Update, the monthly newsletter from CalArts IT about what's being talked about, what's been done, and what's going on!

This newsletter is intended to be an inside look to the goings on of CAIT and be a mechanism to foster greater transparency of the thought and decision making process surrounding technology at CalArts.

Zoom Conferencing

Who: Faculty and Staff

Last year, in response to the ever-growing demand for accessible, ad-hoc video conferencing, CAIT engaged with Zoom to create a shared and supported platform for both Faculty and Staff.  Since January of 2018 there have been 268 Zoom meetings across the Institute, and in November alone there were 88 hours of conferences.

Over the Spring semester, CAIT saw a consistent rise in demand for video conferencing equipment for classes, administrative meetings, clubs, and a litany of other uses we hadn't thought of.  We decided to turn three spaces on campus that saw the most frequent conferencing setup requests into always available Zoom Rooms:

  • President's Conference Room (PCR)
  • G210
  • The Buzz

Both the PCR and G210 have been operational for the entirety of the Fall semester, and CAIT is working on The Buzz's operation.  We expect The Buzz to be fully functional by Monday, December 10th and will update the community when it is complete.

These Zoom Room's can facilitate on-demand meetings by Students, Faculty, and Staff without the need to contact IT.  CAIT is excited to hear about your experiences and welcome your feedback at

Technology Planning Committee

Who: Students, Faculty, and Staff

The Technology Planning Committee is a new initiative composed of representation from each school, REDCAT, and administration as a mechanism to drastically increase the transparency, participation, and coordination to technology development around campus.  While still in the early stages of its existence, some of the goals to the Technology Planning Committee are to:

  • Unify campus technology where appropriate
  • Advise how that technology needs to operate to enhance pedagogical practice
  • Explore collective budgeting practices

An initial focus of the committee is a renovation of the Xbox, a unique space on campus that is continuously utilized for academic, administrative, and ad-hoc purposes.  The Xbox presents a particularly unique challenge, as it needs to be a screening room, a meeting room, and a performance space.  This discussion and investigation will form the basis of a broader and more comprehensive effort to build technology on campus that is more capable, flexible, and supportable.

Further details on the committee will be forthcoming, but if you have any questions or comments, please email Christopher Cuttriss, Director of Information Technology, at

macOS 10.13.6 Self-Service Update

Who: Computers with a CalArts IT asset tag
When: Monday, December 3rd, 2018

For those of our community with Apple computers supported by CAIT we are pleased to announce that macOS 10.13.6 is now available in Self Service!  You can find the Self Service program in your Applications folder on your Mac.

Look for the Install macoS High Sierra 10.13.6 button in Self Service.

If you upgrade your computer through Self Service make sure you close any open applications.  Leaving any open applications can interrupt the process and cause problems.

Installation usually takes 30 - 45 minutes, and will require you to login to your computer to complete the process.  

If you aren't sure what version of macOS you are using click on the Apple logo in the upper left hand corner and then click on About This Mac.  If you see anything less than "Version 10.13.6" you will be able to upgrade!

Adobe Access Changes

Who: Faculty and Staff
When: Monday, December 10th, 2018

If you are a Faculty or Staff member who has any Adobe products obtained through CAIT continued access to these applications requires your attention!

Beginning Monday, December 10th, the CAIT team will be creating Adobe accounts for all Faculty and Staff, which enables the use of the Creative Cloud Desktop application instead of pre-built application packages.  This comes as a result of Adobe changing their licensing methods away from serial numbers and towards individualized accounts.

The good news is that your CalArts Adobe account will use your email login, so you won't have to remember yet another username and password!

Jason Dailey, our Lead Customer Care Technician, has created a handy article outlining what you need to do to make sure your access to Adobe products isn't interrupted:

How Do I: Get Adobe Creative Cloud on a CalArts Device?

Access is granted. Enjoy All Apps plan now.

When your CalArts Adobe account has been created you will receive an email from Adobe with the subject line "Access is granted. Enjoy All Apps plan now."  When you've received that email you will be able to complete the steps in the CAIT article.

PaperCut / PrintServices Updates

Who: Students, Faculty, and Staff
When: Monday, December 17th, 2018
What: PaperCut (

CAIT is planning an update to PaperCut, the platform that facilitates printing across the Institute, on Monday, December 17th.  This update will cause interruptions in service during the upgrade process, which we expect to be completed by 9:00AM.

While this particular update does not contain any customer-facing improvements, it allows CAIT and other technical resources around campus to begin testing new and potentially upcoming features.

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