2018.11.14 Service Disruption: Campus Network

11:10AM: Services appear to have been restored, verification process has begun.

10:45AM: Cafe services have been restored.

10:30AM: VPN service has been restored.

09:50AM: Wireless network connections and CalArts websites restored.

08:45AM: Initial investigation has determined the systems affected include: wireless authentication, VPN services, internal remote support tools, cafe payment systems, application services (e.g.,calarts.edu and related sites/services).

Campus Network Service Disruption

Our Network Operations team has identified a hardware failure on a critical network component which caused several system outages. Some systems affected by this outage include Campus Wireless, CalArts websites, Cafe, and VPN. We are actively restoring all these services and will send an update as soon as everything comes back online.

What: Campus Wireless, CalArts websites, Cafe, VPN

When: Wednesday, November 14th, 3:27AM - 9:40AM PDT

Why: Hardware failure on a critical network component 

Related Events (if any): None

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