Cloud Print: The Ultimate Guide

Cloud Print is a 'beta' Google service, and as such CAIT can only guarantee best-effort operation and support.  We do not recommend relying on Cloud Print for critical printing needs.

If you don't see the printers, like we show in the steps below, please get in contact with us at!

1. Log in to your CalArts Email Account

You will only be able to access the Cloud Print printers through your CalArts Google account.  


If you have multiple Google accounts you may need to set your CalArts account as default.  Send us a note if you have any problems setting your account as default!

3. Click on Printers

Click on Printers, just below Print Jobs. From here, you should see a list of Cloud Print printers which have been shared to you.

In the example below we have Cloud Print access to both Library printers:

Click on Printers

If you see the printers listed, then you're all set! If not, please send us a note at

Before you print your thesis or final project through Cloud Print we highly suggest printing something that isn't too important, that could screw up without causing a problem, just to get a hang of how it goes.  Remember that this is a 'beta' product but we are eager to help if you encounter any problems!

Cloud Printing in MacOS

Printing with Cloud Print in Mac OS X requires a 3rd party application called Cloud Printer, a $5 app from the AppStore.  This program is listed on Google's official Apps that work with Google Cloud Print page.  There may be other methods to use Cloud Print in OS X, but we are following Google's recommended methods in all of our guides.

1. Purchase and Install Cloud Printer

Go to the AppStore and purchase Cloud Printer.

2. Open the Cloud Printer app

There is an initial prompt describing a Virtual Printer. Click Never mind on this window, we'll be returning to it in a couple of steps.

Open the Cloud Printer app

3. Log in with your CalArts Google Account

Login with whichever address you received the Cloud Print invitation and click the Allow button to the app to access your account.

Important: Be critical of what access apps request.  In this case Cloud Printer only asks for what it needs, but unscrupulous apps may request more than they need and become security risks.

4. Make sure you see the Cloud Printers

Once you've clicked Allow the app will load and you should see the list of available Cloud Print printers, and Save to Google Drive on the left hand side.  If you have used Cloud Print in the past (maybe in Google Docs) you will also see any historical print jobs listed on the right.

5. Download the Virtual Printer app

Once the program is installed we need to setup the Virtual Printer, which will let you use Cloud Print straight from any program on your Mac!

Using whichever browser you'd like go to the Cloud Printer homepage:

Once you're there look for Virtual Printer using a proxy solution and click on PrintProxyDistribution.Signed.pkg to download it.  When that's done go to your Downloads folder and double click on that file to run it.

6. Install the PrintProxyDistribution app

When you double click on PrintProxyDistribution.Signed.pkg the installation will start.  There are no special settings for this, so proceed through the installation as you are prompted until you see The installation was successful.

Install the PrintProxyDistribution app

8. Select Which Printer to Use

In this example we are printing a black and white document. Select Library-BW then confirm that the Print Job Title is correct and click the Submit Job to Printer button.

9. Head to the Printer and Print your Document!

If the Cloud Printer app closes after submitting the job, you can open it manually and check your job log for the status of the print.  If it says Printing . . . then your document is waiting at the release station for you!

Let us know how you fare!

We have tested Cloud Printer with basic text and PDF printing but can offer no guarantees when using specialized programs (AutoCAD, for example, is not something we have tested).  If one of your prints doesn't come out properly please save it and bring it to the IT office so we can have a look!

Cloud Printing in Windows

Cloud Print in Windows requires that you have the Chrome browser installed.  It doesn't have to be your default browser, but you do need to use Chrome to setup Cloud Print!

1. Download and Install the Google Cloud Printer

Using the Chrome browser to install the Google Cloud Printer from

2. Install virtualprintersetup.exe

Go to your Downloads folder and double-click on virtualprintersetup.exe.  This is an exceedingly simple installer and shouldn't take more than a minute.

Install virtualprintersetup.exe

3. Send a Test Print!

In this example we're using Word to do a test print.  Select the Google Cloud Printer and click the Print button when you're ready.

Send a Test Print!

4. Select the Printer

In a moment the Chrome browser will open (you may need to login to your CalArts Google account) and the available printers should show up.  

Select whichever printer is appropriate, in this example it's Library-BW.

Select the Printer

5. Click Print

You'll have another chance to set your print options, like number of copies or whether or not to use duplex.

When you're happy with your settings click the Print button!

Click Print

6. Head to the Printer and Print your Document

The window in Chrome will close automatically, at which point your document will be waiting for you!

You can check if your document has been sent properly by going to

Head to the Library to Print your Document

Let us know how you fare!

We have tested Cloud Printer with basic text and PDF printing but can offer no guarantees when using specialized programs (AutoCAD, for example, is not something we have tested).  If one of your prints doesn't come out properly please save it and bring it to the IT office so we can have a look!

Cloud Print with Google Apps

The Google Apps suite (Docs, Sheets, etc) is just about the easiest way to use Cloud Printing.  As long as you have added the printers to your account and are signed in to your CalArts email address you can print directly through Google Apps.

We have noticed that it is easier to print directly from Docs or Sheets than to print from Drive itself.  Let us know what your experience is like!

1. Open Whatever You Want to Print

In this case I have a homework assignment called How to Take Over the World that I have on Google Docs.

Open Whatever You Want to Print

2. Click on File > Print, or the Printer Icon

You can choose to print with your own printer or the printers that are shared with you, in this case both Library-BW and Library-Color.

Since this is just text I'm going to print to Library-BW

Click on File > Print, or the Printer Icon

3. Set Any Printing Preferences

Important: If you print to Library-BW then then make sure to set the Color option to Monochrome.

I'm only going to print a single copy of my homework so I'm leaving these settings alone.

Set Any Printing Preferences

You will see Creating a new print job... followed by Print job added.  

Cloud Print Sends Your Document to PrintServices

4. Cloud Print Sends Your Document to Printservices Client

If you have the PaperCut client already installed you should see the notification below prompting you to confirm the print job.

Click Print and the job will be sent to the queue ready for release. If you've got this far skip to step 5.

If you do not have the PaperCut client installed you will need to navigate to and confirm the print job there.

Once on that page, sign in with your normal CalArts credentials.

It should then bring up the print job notification screen.

Confirm the print job by clicking "Print".

After the job is confirmed you should see a message informing you that the document is ready to be released.

At this point you're ready to go to PrintServices and release the jobs.

5. Head to the Library to Print!

Once your job has been sent it will be waiting for you at the print release computer in the Library.  Just log in with your Hub credentials like you would normally!  Make sure that the job costs what you expect it to and click Print when you're ready.  

6. Collect Your Document!

Just watch for which printer your document is sent to and collect it when the print is complete!

Collect Your Document!

If You Have Any Problems

Please do let us know at or swing by our office (E200G) in the Library 

Important: If you print did not come out right or there are other problems with the quality of the print bring it to the IT office!  We cannot refund the print job if you don't bring in the bad print!

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