Training 2.0 has recently updated their site with some new features including updates to their user management interface. In short, this means that anyone who was previously setup on will need to re-register and should already have received a new welcome email. From the welcome email you will have the ability to transfer your previously existing account over to the new interface. Please see the steps below for how the setup process works.

First, you will need to locate the Lynda,com "Welcome Email". If you are an existing user this should already have been sent to you.

Once you find that email, open it up and click "Activate Account Now".

If you can't find your Welcome Email be sure to check your spam folder. If you still have no luck finding it just send a quick note to letting us know and we can manually re-send the email.

If you've used in the past you should then be prompted to confirm your previous account. In order to retain your account data and course information it is important to select Yes then click Continue.

Next, log in using your existing account information.

Finally you will need to confirm your account information. If everything looks good here then click "Continue".

All set! Once you've reached this point you should be ready to sign back in to If you are not currently setup with access to view courses please check out this article for instructions on how to request access.

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