Faculty: How Do I Manage My Mentees?

This article is for Faculty members who need to access information about their mentees. This article will not cover Mentor Reports or Student Reviews.

If you're looking for the Mentor Reports guide, click here.

If you're looking for the Student Reviews guide, click here.

Log into the HUB

In your browser of choice, go to hub.calarts.edu. Login with your CalArts Credentials.

After logging in, you'll be presented with the Homepage. Navigate to WebAdvisor for Faculty, and choose Faculty Information

Depending on your end-goal, the next menu will present several different options for moving forward.

Viewing Your Current List of Mentees

Under WebAdvisor for Faculty, choose My Advisees.

In order to ensure the most up to date list of your current mentees, in the columns for Start Date AND End Date enter the current date.

Do not choose a Term when entering Start Date and End Date

The format of the date entered should be mm/dd/yyyy

Click Submit

Viewing Mentee Information

The next screen allows you to view specific items related to each mentee. Simply, click the dropdown menu next to the user you'd like more information on.

On the Student's Schedule: Completed and graded courses will not appear - once a grade is assigned for a course it moves off of the schedule and onto the transcript.  

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