How Do I: Use The Student Jobs Site?

This article details the process of creating a job listing on the site.  To have access to this site you must first be listed as a moderator for your department.

Posting a Job

In your browser of choice navigate to

Log in with your CalArts Credentials:

Click the Create Job button.

Fill in all relevant details for the student job you're creating.  The Postiiton ID field is only viewable to administrators and is typically only necessary for internal departmental/school use.

Under Contact Information, you can select an existing person to be listed...

Or click Add Entry and create a new contact for the job listing.

To add or edit contacts without creating a job you can click on Job Contacts on the dashboard of the Student Jobs site

After returning to the dashboard, you should now see the job you created:

From this screen you can change the status between Active and Inactive, edit the number of available positions for the listing, edit the details of the listing, or Delete the listing altogether.  

Note: If you reduce the Available number down to 0, it will automatically change the status of the listing to Inactive.

Changing the Status of a Job

There are 2 different types of status available for a created job, Active or Inactive. This section shows you the different ways of toggling between Active and Inactive.

The quickest way to change the status of a job is on the dashboard by simply clicking on the current status of the job. This will immediately toggle status between Active and Inactive.

Also, once the available positions are reduced to zero, the position will automatically change from Active to Inactive.

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