How Do I: Use ReviewSnap?

ReviewSnap is the system for CalArts that Human Resources uses to facilitate Staff employee performance reviews.  This is a quick start article showing you how to log in and how to access the great training resources available to CalArts Staff.

How Do I Access ReviewSnap?

You will receive an email directly from ReviewSnap with the subject line Login Information for ReviewSnap Website.  That email will contain your username, which will just be your email address, and a one-time use password to login.

Once you've logged in you will be prompted to set your own password.  This password is not linked to any other CalArts account and should be unique.  

After your password has been set you will see the ReviewSnap window and be able to start your Self Evaluation (for all Staff) and see any evaluations that are waiting on you (for Managers or Supervisors).

Using ReviewSnap

The friendly folks at ReviewSnap have created an 18 minute demonstration video that fully explains how to use ReviewSnap to complete your Self Evaluation and for Mangers or Supervisors to complete Employee Evaluations.  

Before starting to use the system take the time to watch the presentation on How to Use ReviewSnap.

Remember: You, as an employee, must first start the process by completing your Self Evaluation.  Once completed, your Self Evaluation will be sent to your Supervisor to complete their Performance Evaluation of you.


If you have any questions about the ReviewSnap system or specific questions about evaluations please contact Jennie Watson in the Human Resources office!

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