Volume Purchasing for Computers & Devices

This is only available to Faculty and Staff who are purchasing on behalf of their School or Department.  Personal purchases are not included in our volume purchasing program.

CAIT is happy to facilitate monthly institute-wide computer and devices purchases.  We are hopeful that this volume purchasing method will encourage greater planning, budgeting, and effective use of technology throughout the Institute.

For immediate or unexpected technology needs, like new hires or projects, CAIT maintains a small fleet of spare computers and devices that can be temporarily put into service while we wait for the next purchase to take place.

To have your school or departmental purchases included please submit a CAIT ticket with the items you are interested in and an account number.


We encourage all schools and departments, even those not under full CAIT support, to send purchases through the ticket system to leverage the Institute purchasing power.  

Please note, however, that purchasing through IT does not confer IT support to those devices or computers.  IT purchasing and support depend entirely on our existing policy structure.

July ‘17 11th
August ‘17
September ‘17 12th
October ‘17 10th
November ‘17 14th
December ‘17 12th
January ‘18 9th
February ‘18 13th
March ‘17 14th
April ‘17 11th
May ’17 (End of Year Delivery Guarantee) 16th
June ’17 (End of Year Delivery Not Guaranteed) 1st

Unexpected events, such as an upcoming Apple event, may delay or change this schedule.  In such an event CAIT will send an updated schedule to all schools and departments with existing purchase requests.

Calendar Links

We have created a Google Calendar with the above dates for those who want to subscribe and be kept updated.  You can either see the calendar in your web brower here or copy the following address and paste it into your CalArts Google Calendar in the box labeled Add a coworker's calendar:


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