How Do I Use: PaperCut Print Portal?

There are 3 different ways to submit a print job to our public printers here on-campus.

1. PaperCut Web Print

2. PaperCut Shared Print Release Stations

3. PaperCut Client (on your personal computer)

Below we will explain how to use each option to print out your documents at Papercut enabled printers.

PaperCut Web Print

PaperCut's "Web Print" feature allows users to submit print jobs from a web browser without needing to install any printer drivers or software. Here are the instructions for using PaperCut's Web Print to print out documents:

Access PaperCut Web Print

Open a web browser and navigate to & sign in with your CalArts SSO Credentials.

Select Web Print (pictured below)

Select a Printer

Click Submit a Job >>

You should see a list of available printers. Select the printer you want to use for your print job.

Click 2. Print Options and Account Selection

Choose Print Options:

Choose how many copies you want and which Account to Charge (some students may have an account from their School that enables free or discounting printing).

Click 3. Upload Documents

Upload Document

Click the "Upload" or "Browse" button to locate the document you want to print from your computer. You can also drag and drop the file into the designated area if supported by your web browser.

Click Upload & Complete

Check Job Status:

You will likely receive a confirmation that your job has been submitted successfully. You may also be provided with a job ID or reference number.

You can check the status of your print job on the Web Print dashboard.

Retrieve Printed Documents:

Go to the designated printer you selected.

Use your SSO credentials to release your print job at the printer.

Papercut Shared Print Release Stations

Papercut's Print Release Station allows users to release their print jobs at a designated release station. Popular in the Library.

Before you start, ensure you have access to your Papercut account and are in proximity to a Print Release Station (the printers).

Starting a Print Job

Print your document as you normally would from the computer you're using in the Library or other shared space. (Be sure to select things like Paper Size & Double-Sided Printing here)

You may see two versions of printers:

B/W - Black & White Prints

Color - Color Prints

*prices will vary

Authenticate Yourself

After clicking "Print," a Papercut Desktop Client popup should appear on your screen.Login using your SSO username and password.

Then confirm the print (pictured below)

If using a Shared Account for payment, be sure to select it here.

Release the Job

Visit a Print Release Station to release your print job. (These are the printers in the Library).

Log in with your SSO Credentials

Once authenticated, you will see a list of the print jobs associated with your account on the station's display.

Use the touchscreen to select the print jobs you want to release. You can typically choose individual jobs or select all jobs for release.

PaperCut Client (on your personal computer)

For instructions on adding the PaperCut client to a personal Mac, click here.

For instructions on adding the PaperCut client to a personal PC, click here.

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