Cloud Print with Google Apps

Before you begin: Make sure you understand that Cloud Print is in beta.  Please read and understand this article before using Cloud Print!

The Google Apps suite (Docs, Sheets, etc) is just about the easiest way to use Cloud Printing.  As long as you have added the printers to your account and are signed in to your CalArts email address you can print directly through Google Apps.

We have noticed that it is easier to print directly from Docs or Sheets than to print from Drive itself.  Let us know what your experience is like!

1. Open Whatever You Want to Print

In this case I have a homework assignment called How to Take Over the World that I have on Google Docs.

Open Whatever You Want to Print

2. Click on File > Print, or the Printer Icon

You can choose to print with your own printer or the printers that are shared with you, in this case both Library-BW and Library-Color.

Since this is just text I'm going to print to Library-BW

Click on File > Print, or the Printer Icon

3. Set Any Printing Preferences

Important: If you print to Library-BW then then make sure to set the Color option to Monochrome.

I'm only going to print a single copy of my homework so I'm leaving these settings alone.

Set Any Printing Preferences

4. Cloud Print Sends Your Document to PrintServices

You will see Creating a new print job... followed by Print job added.  When both messages disappear you're ready to go to PrintServices and login like you normally would!

Cloud Print Sends Your Document to PrintServices

5. Head to the Library to Print!

Once your job has been sent it will be waiting for you at the print release computer in the Library.  Just log in with your Hub credentials like you would normally!  Make sure that the job costs what you expect it to and click Print when you're ready.  

Head to the Library to Print!

6. Collect Your Document!

Just watch for which printer your document is sent to and collect it when the print is complete!

In this case I look for the printer labeled Stacks and wait for my print.

Collect Your Document!

If You Have Any Problems

Please do let us know at or swing by our office in the Library 

Important: If you print did not come out right or there are other problems with the quality of the print bring it to the IT office!  We cannot refund the print job if you don't bring in the bad print!

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