How Do I: Reset My Email Password?

Over the spring break week we have introduced a new feature for our Student and Alumni email accounts: self-service password reset!  

We receive dozens of emails a month asking for a new password and the process included emailing in your ID, or coming by our office, even sometimes faxing in proof of identity!  Now you can set your own phone number as a recovery option and Google will send you a temporary code if you ever need to reset your password.  

Here's how to set it up when you've logged in to your account!

1. Open My Account

It's quite possible that you'll be asked to add a recovery phone number as soon as you login.  If you are, just skip down a few steps.  We're going to start this guide assuming that you're looking at your Inbox.

Click on the button in the upper right hand corner.  This could be your account portrait or the first letter of your first name (like I have on my account).  Then click on My Account.

Open My Account

2. Click on Sign-in & Security

This is the area of your account where you can change your password, setup Two Factor Authentication (or 2-Step Verification as Google calls it), or see what has access to your account.

Click on Sign-in & Security

3. Look for Account Recovery Options

This will be the second box, just above Device activity & Notifications.

Click on the Add a recovery phone to help secure your account link.

Look for Account Recovery Options

4. Enter your password again

Since this recovery phone is technically a backdoor to get access to your account Google takes an extra precaution and requires you to login again.

Enter your password again

5. Click Add Recovery Phone

Click Add Recovery Phone

6. Enter your cell phone number

You're required to use a cell phone for this process, or some other device that can receive SMS test messages.

Click Verify when you're done.

Enter your cell phone number

7. Make sure your number is correct

If it isn't, click Edit and make any changes.  Otherwise click Get code to confirm your phone!

Make sure your number is correct

8. Keep the Suspicious Account Activity box checked

This is one of the best parts about setting this up.  Google will send you alerts if it detects suspicious activity, like somebody signing in to your account from another state or country so you can act fast to change your password and secure your account!

Keep the Suspicious Account Activity box checked

9. Confirm your verification code

Google sends a six digit verification code that you need to input as a confirmation before your phone number can work to reset your password.

Confirm your verification code

10. That's it!

When you see the yellow Changes saved box you're all set.  You can close the browser, go back to your email, whatever you please.  From this point forward you can reset your password without contacting us!

Keep in mind: If we detect any unauthorized activity on your account we may act on your behalf to secure your account.  While this is a rare event you would need to contact us to restore access to your account, and that may still require an identity check.

That's it!
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