What are Print Services and PaperCut?

At the beginning of Spring semester in 2016 the CAIT and the Library introduced a radically new improved printing system called Print Services which is powered by PaperCut

PaperCut is widely used in Libraries and Universities around the world and we are extremely excited to see how it can help us make your CalArts experience even better.

A Modern Payment Method

Instead of a physical print card that could be easily damaged or lost, PaperCut is account-based and uses your Hub credentials to log in.

You can log in to your PaperCut account from anywhere on or off campus and add funds with your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit card.

How Do I: Add Funds to PaperCut?

Easily Transfer Funds

Before Print Services if you didn't have enough funds on your print card you'd have to find a friend willing to let you use theirs.  If nobody was around to ask you would be stuck.  

Now a friend could log on to their PaperCut account from any device, on or off campus, and send you some funds in just a few seconds.

How Do I: Transfer Funds in PaperCut?

Check Your Balance Anytime

You can now check your printing balance anytime, from anywhere.  If you're at home but have a large document to print you can log in to PaperCut and know if you'll need to add funds or if you're good to go.

You can also check per-page printing rates right from your account dashboard!

How Do I: Check My Balance in PaperCut?

You Only Pay for What Actually Prints

Usually when you print a document you're required to pre-pay for the entire job.  If the print jams, explodes, or whatever else, you're stuck with a half-printed document and the hope of a reasonable refund policy.

We have set up Print Services to automatically refund you if your print job doesn't actually print.  You pay only for the pages that physically come out of the printer, so if there is a paper jam or if the toner goes out on page 47 of your 120 page script you can cancel the job and not be overcharged.

Printing Outside of the Library

The one thing we're most excited about with PaperCut is that is easily expandable.  While the Library brought the system to CalArts we are working with the rest of the institute to connect more printers and copiers to the system.  

So far we've brought PaperCut to the Art School Graphic Design program and we're looking forward to expanding it further!

And a Lot More!

Print Services and PaperCut open up a lot of possibilities, and we're exploring every one that we can think of.  Keep an eye out for future announcements, we can't say anything else right now but we're properly excited about what's to come!

If you have something that you're looking to do that we don't have a solution for already please let us know, we're always looking to make things better!

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