Cloud Print in Windows

Before you begin: Make sure you understand that Cloud Print is in beta.  Please read this article before using Cloud Print!

Cloud Print in Windows requires that you have the Chrome browser installed.  It doesn't have to be your default browser, but you do need to use Chrome to setup Cloud Print!

1. Download and Install the Google Cloud Printer

Using the Chrome browser to install the Google Cloud Printer from

Download and Install the Google Cloud Printer

2. Install virtualprintersetup.exe

Go to your Downloads folder and double-click on virtualprintersetup.exe.  This is an exceedingly simple installer and shouldn't take more than a minute.

Install virtualprintersetup.exe

3. Send a Test Print!

In this example we're using Word to do a test print.  Select the Google Cloud Printer and click the Print button when you're ready.

Send a Test Print!

4. Select the Printer

In a moment the Chrome browser will open (you may need to login to your CalArts Google account) and the available printers should show up.  

Select whichever printer is appropriate, in this example it's Library-BW.

Select the Printer

5. Click Print

You'll have another chance to set your print options, like number of copies or whether or not to use duplex.

When you're happy with your settings click the Print button!

Click Print

6. Head to the Library to Print your Document

The window in Chrome will close automatically, at which point your document will be waiting for you in the Library!

You can check if your document has been sent properly by going to

Head to the Library to Print your Document

Let us know how you fare!

We have tested Cloud Printer with basic text and PDF printing but can offer no guarantees when using specialized programs (AutoCAD, for example, is not something we have tested).  If one of your prints doesn't come out properly please save it and bring it to the IT office so we can have a look!

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