Cloud Printing in Mac OS X

Before you begin: Make sure you understand that Cloud Print is in beta.  Please read and understand this article before using Cloud Print!

Printing with Cloud Print in Mac OS X requires a 3rd party application called Cloud Printer, a $2 app from the AppStore.  This program is listed on Google's official Apps that work with Google Cloud Print page.  There may be other methods to use Cloud Print in OS X, but we are following Google's recommended methods in all of our guides.

1. Purchase and Install Cloud Printer

Go to the AppStore and purchase Cloud Printer.

Purchase and Install Cloud Printer

2. Open the Cloud Printer app

There is an initial prompt describing a Virtual Printer.  Click Never mind on this window, we'll be returning to it in a couple of steps.

Open the Cloud Printer app

3. Log in with your CalArts Google Account

Login with whichever address you received the Cloud Print invitation and click the Allow button to the app to access your account.

Important: Be critical of what access apps request.  In this case Cloud Printer only asks for what it needs, but unscrupulous apps may request more than they need and become security risks.

Log in with your CalArts Google Account

4. Make sure you see Library-BW and Library-Color

Once you've clicked Allow the app will load and you should see Library-BW, Library-Color, and Save to Google Drive on the left hand side.  If you have used Cloud Print in the past (maybe in Google Docs) you will also see any historical print jobs listed on the right.

Make sure you see Library-BW and Library-Color

5. Download the Virtual Printer app

Once the program is installed we need to setup the Virtual Printer, which will let you use Cloud Print straight from any program on your Mac!

Using whichever browser you'd like go to the Cloud Printer homepage:

Once you're there look for Virtual Printer using a proxy solution and click on PrintProxyDistribution.Signed.pkg to download it.  When that's done go to your Downloads folder and double click on that file to run it.

Download the Virtual Printer app

6. Install the PrintProxyDistribution app

When you double click on PrintProxyDistribution.Signed.pkg the installation will start.  There are no special settings for this, so proceed through the installation as you are prompted until you see The installation was successful.

Install the PrintProxyDistribution app

7. Print a test page!

When that installation is finished open any document you'd like to print.  

In this case we're using Word to print a document using the normal print window as if we were using a USB printer.  You should see a new printer in the list called Google-Cloud-Printer.

Check to make sure your print settings are correct and click Print when you're ready to go!

Print a test page!

8. Select Which Printer to Use

If you're printing a black and white document select Library-BW, and Library-Color if you need to print in color.  Confirm that the Print Job Title is correct and click the Submit Job to Printer button.

Select Which Printer to Use

9. Head to the Library and Print your Document!

If the Cloud Printer app closes after submitting the job, you can open it manually and check your job log for the status of the print.  If it says Printing . . . then your document is waiting at the release station for you!

Head to the Library and Print your Document!

Let us know how you fare!

We have tested Cloud Printer with basic text and PDF printing but can offer no guarantees when using specialized programs (AutoCAD, for example, is not something we have tested).  If one of your prints doesn't come out properly please save it and bring it to the IT office so we can have a look!

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