Cloud Print: Getting Started

Please understand that Cloud Print is currently in beta and this is not a service that CAIT guarantees before using Google Cloud Print!

Before getting started with Cloud Print you should make sure your CalArts Google account has been granted access to the printers.  It's a quick process, but if you don't see the printers like we show in the steps below please get in contact with us at!

1. Log in to your CalArts Email Account

You will only be able to access the Library printers through your CalArts Google account.  Head over to to login!

If you have multiple Google accounts you will probably need to set your CalArts account as default.  Send us a note if you have any problems setting your account as default!

2. Accept the Cloud Print Invitation

In order to use Google Cloud Print you'll need to accept the initial invitations for each of the printers you wish to send jobs to. The invites are sent from the address

After you've located the email click "Add Printer" and you will be re-directed to the Cloud Print Dashboard. Once there, you'll need to accept the Cloud Print agreement.

At this point you should be all set to print!

4. Click on Printers

Click on Printers, just below Print Jobs, and you should see all the printers which you've previously accepted invitations for listed. In the example below we've accepted invitations for both Library printers.

Click on Printers

If you do see the printers listed then you're all set!  If you don't, send us a note at

Send a Test Print!

Before you print your thesis or final project through Cloud Print we highly suggest printing something that isn't too important, that could screw up without causing a problem, just to get a hang of how it goes.  Remember that this is a beta product but we are eager to help if you encounter any problems!

Here are some guides to get you started with Cloud Print:

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