Changes to Printing in the Library

Over the week of Spring Break CAIT setup a new way to print in the Library.  Gone are the separate Stacks, Lab, and OPAC printers, instead they are replaced by Library-BW (black and white) and Library-Color (for color printing).

Having separate printers throughout the Library was intended to be convenient, but ultimately caused some confusion and frustration.  This is especially true if the printer you sent the document to was busy or not working properly.

Top 3 Things to Know:

  1. There are now just two printer options: Library-BW and Library-Color.  
  2. The printers are near the front of the Library, where the OPAC printer used to be.
  3. You can use a credit card to add funds to your account at  Check out this How Do I article for more info.

All the printers have been brought to a single, central location near the front of the Library.  You no longer have to worry about to which printer you sent your document to and whether or not somebody else is in the middle of a print job.

If a printer runs out of paper the Library circulation staff will be just a few feet away and can bring a fresh ream in no time.  We have setup new system alerts that notify the Library and CAIT when there is a jam, low toner, or any other critical problems.

We are keeping a very close eye on how this new printing setup works.  If you have any comments, problems, or suggestions please send us an email at, tweet @CalArtsIT, our Facebook page, or drop by our office in the Library!

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