How Do I: Update My Campus Alert Contact Information?

What is Campus Alert?

The Campus Alert system is used in the event of an emergency or when immediate student, faculty, and staff-wide notifications are imperative.  The system can use SMS text, email, cell, or home phone numbers for notifications during an emergency.

Am I Already Signed Up?

If you're a student you are automatically included in the Campus Alert system, your information is derived from your official student record.  If you need to update your contact information just head on over to the Hub and look for Address Change within WebAdvisor for Students, or just scroll down this page and you'll see exactly where it is.  If you prefer to not receive the alerts you can opt-out through the steps at the bottom of this page as well.

If you are a Faculty or Staff member your personal contact information has not been pre-loaded, although your CalArts email address and office number has.  We strongly recommend reviewing your contact information and ensuring it is correct.  If you prefer to not receive campus alerts you may opt-out using the steps at the bottom of this article.

Faculty & Staff: How do I update my contact information?

Opting-in (or out) is a very quick affair that can be done in a few minutes, as long as you know your CalArts Credentials!  This is the same username and password you would use to access the Hub.  If you aren't sure what your CalArts Credentials username and/or password is head on over to this quick How Do I article!

First, go to and enter in your CalArts Credentials and click Log In.

Enter any information for the methods you'd like to be contacted by.  As you can see here, I've supplied a mobile phone number, since that's the best way of getting in contact with me.  I have also elected to supply an alternate email address but not a home phone number.  

If you want to be contacted make sure that Yes, I wish to be contacted by the CalArts Campus Alert System in the event of an emergency is selected.

Click Confirm And You're All Done!

If your contact information is already up-to-date and correct, please click "Log out" at the top of the page without clicking confirm.

Some information here will not be editable by you, even though it's your contact information.  That's normal.  If you see any errors with those please contact us in the IT department and we can get them corrected (or tell you who needs to correct them, if it isn't us).

Regardless of if you've elected to be contacted or not, just click on the Confirm button at the bottom of the page.  If everything has gone smoothly the page will reload with a green confirmation box at the top:

Faculty & Staff: What if I Don't Want to be Contacted?

In the event of an emergency if you elect to opt-out of the emergency contact system you may miss potentially vital information and put yourself or others at risk.  Please consider this if you do not want to be contacted.  If you have any questions or concerns about this system please don't hesitate to ask before you decide to opt-out.

If you truly wish to opt-out of the system you will need to click on the radio button that says No, I do not wish to be contacted by the CalArts Campus Alert System in the event of an emergency.  You will also need to check the box that appears below that button confirming your decision.  You will then need to type, IN ALL CAPS, the sentence I WISH TO OPT OUT OF THE CAMPUS ALERT SYSTEM -- please note that the system will not let you copy and paste that sentence, you must type it out in its entirety.

Students: How do I check my Campus Alert information?

As a student your contact information from your official student record is what the Campus Alert system uses by default.  If that information were to ever change, you can update this by navigating directly to WebAdvisor or going through the Hub by clicking Hubtime.

Once you are logged into WebAdvisor, under the User Account portion of WebAdvisor (for Students) click Address Change.

In there you have access to change your contact information.  Since what's displayed here is all my contact information I've blurred most of it out, but you get the picture of what's available.

Students: How Can I Opt-Out of the Campus Alert System?

You can opt-out of Campus Alert by logging on to the Hub, then clicking on Student Forms for Registration.  Of course we strongly recommend you do not opt-out of the system, but the option is there if you really don't want to be contacted in the event of an emergency.

When you click on that link you're taken to the Student Forms system, which requires you to log in once more:

In there you'll see quite a few links to different forms.  What we're looking for here is Campus Alert System Notification Form.

Here you're presented with your Opt-In and Opt-Out options.  

If you have any trouble with the Campus Alert System or have any other questions please submit an IT ticket and we'll be in touch as soon as we're able!

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