How Do I: Reset My Email Password?

Resetting your CalArts email password is a relatively simple process.  If you don't have access to your account then check out Request A New Password.  If you just want a new password skip down to Changing Your Password.

1. Request A New Password

If you have no access to your CalArts email address you'll need a new password.  We do not currently have a self-service email password reset, but follow these steps to expedite the process.


Make sure to send in your ID from an email address that is not your CalArts account.  

Sometimes we receive requests to reset passwords from the account that needs a new password.  We need to have an external address to send a temporary password to, otherwise you will lose access to the account and not receive the email with the new pasword!

1.1. Send an Email to

Make sure to attach a copy of your photo ID as well.  In most cases the easiest way to do this is to take a picture with a cell phone or webcam of your ID (CalArts ID, drivers license, etc).

We use your full name and picture to confirm your identity.  Please redact any and all other information you do not feel comfortable emailing.

Send an Email to

1.2. Get your new temporary password

We will verify your ID and redact it before sending your email to our ticket system.  Once everything is squared away we'll send your new temporary password via email and close the ticket.

Receiving your new temporary password may take some time depending on how busy our office is.  

Get your new temporary password

2. Changing your password

Your CalArts email account uses Google Apps.  This means if you have a account, or another Google Apps account, changing your password is the same process that you're probably already familiar with.  If you've never reset a Google password just follow the steps outlined below!

2.1. Go to My Account

Click on your portrait in the upper right hand corner of your email.

Go to My Account

2.2. Click Sign-in & Security

Click Sign-in & Security

2.3. Then click on Password

Then click on Password

2.4. Confirm your Current Password

Confirm your Current Password

2.5. Create your New Password

Pay special attention to the Password Strength and use a password that earns a Strong rating.

Create your New Password
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