How Do I: Add Institute Calendars to My Account?

Human Resources and the Provost Office maintain two of the primary calendars for the institute:

  • The HR Calendar contains information about institute holidays, when payroll runs, and other Staff-focused events.
  • The Academic Calendar contains the dates and events related specifically to classes, registration dates, and other academic related events.

1. Open Your Calendar

Log in to your CalArts Email account and open Calendar

Open Your Calendar

2. Click on Add by URL

Then find the Other Calendars section, click on the little down arrow (above the textbox labeled Add a coworker's calendar), and then click on Add by URL

Click on Add by URL

3. Choose Your Calendar

When you are prompted for the Calendar Address, copy one of the URLs below by right-clicking on it and choosing Copy Link Location (or Copy Link if you're using Safari):

Then paste that URL into the text box in your Calendar and click Add Calendar.

Choose Your Calendar

4. Check the Calendars List

When you see the CalArts Academic and CalArts HR calendars in the list of calendars you're all set!

Check the Calendars List
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