2014.09.10: Phishing Attempt, "HELPDESK!"

We have received a few reports of a new phishing attempt coming to CalArts email accounts.  As a reminder to our community, CalArts IT will never ask for your password, nor should you give it to anyone who does.  If you receive phishing attempts, or emails that just look suspicious, please notify us so we can take any appropriate action to warn the community and/or prevent further attempts.


*From:* DIGNE Romina <romina.digne@ifp.fr
*Date:* September 10, 2014 at 5:37:05 PM PDT 
*Subject:* *HELPDESK!*

This is to notify all staffs and webmail users who have not upgraded their 
emails are advised to upgrade their email accounts to secure it 
immediately, in order to avoid loosing their email accounts.Please fill in 
the columns below and send to our HelpDesk care centre E-mail address: 
helpdeskcare@qq.com to begin the upgrade. This updating is compulsory as a 
result of our recent server changes.





Alternate E-mail:

HelpDesk Team 
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