2014.01.24 Google Calendar Invite Anomaly

IT has confirmed that an anomaly with Google Calendar invites affects CalArts Faculty, Student, and Staff email accounts.  When an email address is included in the title of a calendar entry, that user can be invited to the event without notice for either them or the creator of that event.

From The Verge:

It seems likely that these automatic invitations are occurring unintentionally through Calendar, as the issue only occurs in certain circumstances. When quickly naming an event from the main calendar view, users will be prompted about whether or not they want to invite a person, giving them a chance to deny it. It's only when including an email address from the expanded calendar entry screen that it will automatically invite a named email address to the event. Google does mention the ability to quickly invite others using this method in its documentation for Calendar, but it doesn't explain which of these ways users should expect it to function.

Google is working on fixing this behavior.  While this is likely to not be an issue for the majority of our community, it does raise potential concerns.

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