2014.01.21 "Fwd: New Voice Message" Phishing Attempt

We have received several reports from around campus questioning an email received from "Administrator" from a strange @calarts.edu email address.  The entirety of the email is similar to the following:

From: Administrator <docs1@calarts.edu>
To: (several CalArts email addresses not inherently related to each other)
Subject: Fwd: New Voice Message

You have received a voice mail message.
Message length is 00:01:35.

This email is a phishing attempt, masquerading as a valid email address (in this case docs1@calarts.edu, an address that doesn't actually exist) to bait the recipient into responding.  The response would go to an email address somewhere outside of CalArts and the attacker would then ask for account credentials to "check your account".  Once those credentials were given the attacker would use it to send out spam, gain access to sensitive information, etc.

We do not have a way, as of yet, to prevent these types of emails from being received.  It is up to the CalArts community to remain vigilant and report any suspicious emails they receive to cait@calarts.edu or by calling the IT department at x7887.

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