2014.12.01 Erratic Load Times on Wired & Wireless

12/4/2014 12:31PM: A full 24 hours has passed since the update was applied and we have yet to see the return of the network latency.  We are considering the problem resolved, but will remain a close watch on the network.  We appreciate the patience of the community as events like these are resolved, especially when they last for multiple days.

01:00PM: The network maintenance was completed at approximately 12:15PM today.  Since that time Network Operations has been closely monitoring network traffic and latency and has not seen the behavior return.  

12/3/2014 09:30AM: Network maintenance will occur today at 12:00PM PST.  Working with vendor support we are preparing a software update to our campus router that may resolve the latency issue.

01:00PM: The issue began again at Noon today.  The first effects were noticed around 12:22PM.  While it doesn't appear to be as severe as yesterday, on-campus services (including calarts.edu and associated websites) are being impacted.  

This is similar behavior as the problem from approximately 3 months ago (intermittent service between 12PM and 5PM), however the resolution that we came upon previously has not been reverted and although the symptoms are extremely similar the root cause is still unclear.

12/2/2014 9:30AM: After approximately 7PM PST last night the issues we were seeing cleared up.  We have yet to see the behavior return and will keep this article current until we are confident the issue has been resolved.

4:38PM: Load times have generally improved after making some adjustments to our network traffic.  We are continuing to work with vendor support.

3:04PM: We are working with vendor support but do not yet have a substantive update.  Erratic loading times continue.

We are experience erratic loading times on wired and wireless network connections.  Network Operations is investigating.

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