2015.01.21 Hub & WebAdvisor Not Showing Content

3:03PM Update: The system has resumed normal operation.  We are continuing to closely monitor the system to see if the behavior returns unexpectedly.  If you continue to have any problems please do not hesitate to open a ticket so we can take a closer look!

2:35PM Update: We need to bring the Hub and WebAdvisor down for emergency maintenance.  This should last approximately 15-25 minutes.  When the system has returned to normal operation an email will be sent out to our community.

2:33PM Update: After restarting some backend processes the behavior has changed slightly.  Some users are reporting that content is displaying properly while others have persisting problems.  Our AppDev team will continue to research.

At approximately 2PM today we began receiving reports of Hub, HubTime, and WebAdvisor pages not showing content as one would expect.  We are investigating the problem and will update this post as we have more information.

This issue is making is affecting time cards, adding and dropping classes, and any other operation that requires the WebAdvisor portion of the Hub.

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