2014.10.13 Planned Total Service Outage, 6AM - 3PM PST

10/13/14 Incident Log

5:23PM: Virtually all systems are back online, two servers remain but they are not publicly accessible, so no impact is expected.  AAR is not yet online but it is expected soon, as the boot process is quite extensive.  NetOps will complete the process as soon as they are able to, but this maintenance is all but complete.

4:41PM: Web environments are back online. CalArts.edu and REDCAT.org are accessible.

4:00PM: Library print servers are back online.  Once web environments are verified we'll be bringing them back online as well.

3:42PM: Library print server dependencies are coming online.  Web environment still to come.

3:32PM: Working on bringing Library print services back online.

3:14PM: Library print services have not been restored as of yet.  Database & Colleague services are in the process of coming back online.

3:06PM: Maintenance has been successful.  Internet and wireless access has been restored and we are bringing back online ancillary services and servers.  HubTime/WebAdvisor/Colleague has not been brought online yet.


On Monday, October 13th, the CalArts IT datacenter is undergoing major power maintenance.  This will require a complete shutdown of all IT servers and services.  We will begin this maintenance at 6:00AM PST and plan to be fully operational by 03:00PM PST.
Monday 10/13 6:00AM PST through 3:00PM PST
  • CalArts.edu, REDCAT.org, and associated websites
  • hub.calarts.edu and WebAdvisor
  • On-campus network access: wired and wireless
  • On-campus access to the internet
  • All School and Departmental Fileshares
While we do not foresee any complications we will notify the community through this CAIT article and through Twitter if any arise.
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