2014.09.03 REDCAT Connectivity Issues

We are currently experiencing connectivity issues at REDCAT.  We are investigating.

Resolution: After extensive investigation we determined the root cause of our connectivity problems.  We have a caching server in place at REDCAT that is saves the most frequently accessed websites locally to make them very fast when accessed.  For some reason or another, the cache did not clear itself appropriately and basically froze.  That service only cache's unsecured content (on port 80) but cannot cache secured content (on port 443), which is why secured websites and services were still working.  Vendor support recommended we turn the caching service off and on again, which successfully unfroze it and returned service to normal.

  • Sept 4 11:40AM: Fixed!
  • 6:30PM: We have established a support case with the ISP and have determined that Port 80 traffic is being disallowed at some point, however the cause is unknown.  We have established, however, that port 443 (anything with an https://) does work.  This explains why some sites and services are operational.
  • 5:15PM: Connection has been established to REDCAT, but we are not yet seeing consistent behavior.
  • 4:40PM: Initial report received.
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