2015.11.05 Major Planned Maintenance: Campus Internet Connection, 5:00AM-7:00AM PST

November 5, 8:20AM PST: We are pleased to report that the maintenance this morning was successful.  All services were restored by 5:55AM PST.  Information Technology greatly appreciates the patience of the CalArts community!

November 4, 1:57PM PST: Our Network Operations team determined the cause and solution to what prevented our maintenance period from being completed this morning.  Maintenance is now scheduled for tomorrow, November 5th, from 5:00AM to 7:00AM PST.  As before the campus internet connection will be unavailable during this time.  As soon as all services have been restored we will send a followup notice to the community.

November 4, 7:00AM PST: Maintenance begun as scheduled but we encountered an issue that required all changes to be reversed pending further investigation.  All affected services were operational by 7:00AM PST.  We will plan and announce another maintenance period when we are confident that this issue has been resolved and maintenance can be completed.

November 2: This maintenance has been rescheduled for this coming Wednesday, November 4th from 5:00AM to 7:00AM PST.

October 28, 6:20AM PST: Due to an issue outside of Network Operations control this maintenance has been postponed.  There was no service interruption.  We will notify the CalArts community of our revised schedule as soon as we have it.

On Wednesday, October 28th, from 5:00AM to 7:00AM PST CalArts IT will performing planned required maintenance on the campus internet connection. This maintenance will affect internet access for all devices and computers on the campus network.

This will also affect off-campus access to CalArts.edu, REDCAT.org, the Hub, and associated campus-hosted websites (including class sites hosted on web.calarts.edu). On-campus access to CalArts email will also be unavailable during this time.

School and departmental fileshares and computer logons should be unaffected, but any internet dependent service (or service dependent upon campus-hosted internet services) will be unavailable.

  • What: Campus internet connection maintenance window
  • When: Wednesday, October 28th, 5:00AM-7:00AM PST
  • Why: Required maintenance
  • Expected Impact: All on-campus internet access will be unavailable during this time. Off-campus access to email and cloud/off-campus services will be unaffected.
  • Related Events (if any): None.
  • CAIT Article: https://cait.calarts.edu/entries/97365128

If you have any questions or concerns please submit an IT ticket to cait@calarts.edu, or tweet @CalArtsIT, or call x7887.

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