2015.09.02 Infrastructure Development - Entrance Road Affected

Update 9/2 1:20PM PST: Work was completed earlier than expected.  Road has been reopened!


Clarification: The work being done will only close the left lane fork of the main entrance after the Guard Shack. Regular access to the campus will not be affected.  CalArts will be open as usual on Wednesday and Thursday.  I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

In order to facilitate work on the fiber optic cables that connect the Institute to the internet the left entrance road will be closed this coming Wednesday (9/2) between 8:30AM and 6PM PST. If necessary the road may be blocked on Thursday (9/3) from 8:30AM to 6PM. We will notify the community if this extended timeframe is needed.

We do not expect any service disruption to the internet connection.  The only impact should be the closure of the entrance road.  If any unexpected events do occur we will inform the community promptly.

  • What: Physical infrastructure development
  • When: Wednesday 9/2 through Thursday 9/3, 8:30AM - 6PM PST
  • Why: Work needs to be completed underneath the roadway
  • Expected Impact: The left hand side of the entrance road, as it approaches the main building, will be closed.
  • Related Events (if any): None.

If you have any questions or concerns please submit an IT ticket to cait@calarts.edu, or tweet @CalArtsIT, or call x7887.

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