2015.04.30 Campus Wireless Disruption

Resolution 05:27PM: We believe that the core cause of this issue has been identified.  Network Operations identified a power malfunction in our primary domain controller that, we believe, has been causing the sudden restarting of the device.  When this happens nearly all access points lose connection but were not recovering properly, perhaps due to errant signals from the controller itself caused by power fluctuations.

Early next week we will be engaging vendor support to further investigate the power supply in our primary wireless controller, but until then we have put our backup controller into place as the primary and everything is operating exactly how we would expect.

Over the next two hours access points will re-associate with our (now) primary controller.  We expect nothing but increasingly smooth wireless service.  If anything unexpected does occur, we will be as responsive as possible over the course of the weekend.

04:21PM: Wireless disruption. We are currently investigating the cause.

02:13PM: An errant setting has been identified resolved.  We believe that is the culprit of the issues from this morning and afternoon.  If you continue to have problem please let us know, but we are close to considering this problem resolved.

01:45PM: We continue to work with vendor support to identify the source of these connectivity problems.  There is no substantive update at this point but we will, of course, keep this and our other communication avenues current with new information as we have it.

12:00PM: Began to hear reports of wireless issues once again.  The network names would either appear and not be able to connect, or not appear at all.  Network Operations is actively investigating.  We will be keeping this page, our Facebook page, and Twitter feed updated.

5/1/2015 8:20AM: Campus wireless remained stable throughout the evening.  While we do not foresee any further issues we will be closely monitoring the network and will keep our community abreast of any unexpected events.

11:34PM: We are cautiously optimistic that the WiFi stability over the past few hours will persist.  There is little we can do past this point in the evening and will reassess in the morning.  Again, we greatly appreciate our communities' patience during unexpected outages.

10:45PM: Wireless service is currently mostly operational but is not considered restored.  We are attempting to stabilize the environment and Network Operations remains on-site.

9:47PM: Quick reminder to those who are on campus without wireless service: the wired network and internet connection are not affected by this disruption.  If you're able to plug in to an ethernet connection that will work exactly as expected.

9:26PM: Wireless issues persist. There is no substantive update at this time.

8:30PM: We have determined that a failure of equipment is the source of this extended outage.  In these last weeks of classes internet service is particularly critical and Network Operations continues to do everything in their power to bring service back to normal.  Vendor support continues to be engaged.  At this point we are expecting updates every hour until a resolution is found.

7:30PM: We are in the process of modifying the codebase on our wireless controllers.  Services may be going up and down as we do this but we will be resuming normal service as soon as possible.  

6:15PM: Normal troubleshooting procedures have not produced a resolution.  We've engaged vendor support to assist.

5:45PM: Wireless controller returned to service shortly before going down again.  Investigation is ongoing.

5:36PM: Primary wireless controller went offline, causing access points to lose connection.

We are currently experiencing issues with our campus wireless network that is causing unexpected service interruptions.  Network Operations is investigating and we will post more information as we have it.

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