2015.04.27 Postini Retirement and Google Vault

What is Postini?

Postini is an email, web security, and archive service used by Google which was recently retired.  CalArts has utilized Postini since 2009 to filter Faculty and Staff email, malware, and other unwanted or spam-like emails before they would reach your inbox.  Since this service is now officially discontinued we have transitioned to to Google Vault for email archiving effective 4/27/2015.


How will I be affected?

The most direct effect from this change will be the lack of daily Quarantine Summary emails in your inbox. 


From this point forward if you want to block a sender to your account you will need to mark a message from that sender as Spam, it is effectively the same thing.  Likewise, instead of clicking the Deliver button in the Quarantine Summary, you can now just peruse your Spam folder occasionally and click Not Spam if you find a message that has been incorrectly flagged.



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