2014.06.26 Intermittent Network and Internet Issues

On Wednesday, June 25th, we began receiving reports of strange issues relating to network shares, webmail access, and overall sluggishness from a handful of departments and schools.  After significant troubleshooting we discovered that the common element between these seemingly disparate elements is where they connect to on the network.  With that commonality in mind, Network Operations investigated and found a faulty secondary uplink that was causing a large amount of bad traffic:


From our network statistics we determined that the secondary link began to throw an unusually large number of errors around 2pm on Wednesday, June 25th.  That coincides with the first problem report we received.  Around 10:30AM the secondary link was disabled and the errors were, almost immediately, eliminated.

Network Operations will be installing a new secondary link as soon as is possible.  We do not expect any noticeable impact in performance with only a single link but we will continue to monitor our equipment for irregularities.

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