2014.03.31 Connectivity Issues & Hardware Failure

IT is currently aware of, and working on, intermittent network issues on campus.  All services appear to be affected to varying degrees.  We will update this post as we know more and when everything is back to normal.

8:35AM: We believe the problems revolve around a hardware failure in our environment.  We are engaging our support structure for more precise diagnosis and resolution.  The CalArts.edu web site is currently down, along with on-campus wireless authentication presenting problems.

8:50AM: A hardware failure has been confirmed.  We will be adjusting our infrastructure to shutdown non-critical components in order to make everything else as reliable as possible. 

9:50AM: CalArts.edu and associated sites are active, however they are slow.  IT is working with vendor support to have a replacement installed as soon as entirely possible so we can completely restore our environment.

10:40AM: Environment should be stable by this point.  We are not expecting any further fluctuations, at least not until the hardware can be replaced.

Hardware was replaced yesterday between 12PM and 3PM.  The environment is not fully restored as of yet but reports of slowness have subsided.  We are investigating why the system was not as resilient as it should have been.  No further customer-impact is expected.

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