2014.03.01 E63 Power Loss

This is more of a post-mortem on E63, as there were two issues this past weekend that we did not post to our Service Alerts.

On Friday, 2/28, E63 lost power around 4:30AM.  This was during the recent rain storm but IT confirmed that water was not the cause of the outage.  We were alerted by our automated system and NetOps responded shortly thereafter.  Around 6:30AM on Saturday the room lost power again.  We have not yet been able to confirm why this occurred and we are continuing to investigate.

While we haven't had any more repeating events, IT is monitoring E63 for any abnormalities.

This event should result in a Service Alerts and Twitter post, but this time it did not.  We will make sure to standardize our off-hours reporting in the future.

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