2014.02.05 BB6 is Online... No thanks to the squirrels.

tl;dr -- Squirrels ate the internet.


A Short History of BB6's Network Connection

Years ago Butler Building 6 was a storage area, then it became studio space in the early 2000's.  Since then the Art School had requested several times to have network access brought to the building, but each time the project was tackled it couldn't be accomplished.  Running fiber optics through the parking lot was too expensive and we didn't want to harm the trees (not to mention they are protected species) by running a trench through the brush.

When IT was tasked with bringing CalArts full campus wireless access we had our opportunity to get BB6 online.  A wireless bridge was setup between BB5 and BB6, basically just two power antennas that needed line-of-sight to form the connection and a lot of special configuration to make it work.  A few wireless access points were put up in the space, and the students finally had network access.  Everything was going smoothly until the end of 2013, when we installed a new housing for the network equipment and a switch failed unexpectedly.

A few weeks after bringing service back another alert was triggered: BB6 was offline again.

Shortly before Winter Break NetOps began investigating.  The configurations were confirmed but time ran out and we were forced to wait until we came back in January.  Even higher priorities early in the year prevented NetOps from resuming the investigation, but in early February they were finally able to focus solely on BB6.  

NetOps began combing through the building, cable by cable, room by room, until the culprit was discovered: a network cable that a squirrel found appealing enough to snack on.  The cable was replaced and the squirrels' point of access was closed on February 5th.  Restored service to BB6 was confirmed shortly after 4pm.

We don't expect any further wildlife involvement. 

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