2013.11.15 Network Maintenance in BB6

We will be performing a short maintenance this morning at 10AM in Butler Building 6.  This will require us to disconnect all network equipment for a relatively short period of time (approximately 45 minutes).  Please contact IT if you have a studio in BB6 and experience connectivity issues beyond 11AM today.

12:00PM: Maintenance is ongoing.  We are continuing to work on BB6 after an unexpected link failure has occurred.  

02:00PM: We have established wireless communication between BB6 and the network, but some network equipment is still failing to communicate.

05:00PM: Over the course of the day we have discovered a possible physical issue with the cabling that services BB6.  We have reestablished service to 2/3rd of BB6 and will be resuming work with the goal to fully restore service by Monday.  We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause the students with studios in the building.

11/18: Fixed a damaged cable, assessing if the issue remains.

11/23: Further investigation has not led to a resolution as of yet.  We have engaged manufacturer support.  While most of the building is covered under wireless from the AP on the south exterior wall, returning service to all users is a top priority.

11/27: After working with vendor support we have an action plan to execute on Monday, December 2nd.  IT is aware that this outage is more than an inconvenience to those affected and appreciate the patience that has been exhibited to this point.  We are looking forward to resolving this issue as soon as possible.

12/06: Basic service in BB6 has been restored.  In an unusually long maintenance period we have been able to reactivate half of the available access points in the building.  This, at the very least, gives access to every corner of the building while we work to restore the rest of the access points.  Wireless speed should not be affected for general internet/network usage, but high-throughput actions (like large file copying) may be slightly slower than normal.

12/06 Resolution: All access points are now active in BB6.

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