2013.10.18 Changes to Wireless Authentication

In response to our unexpected wireless maintenance window earlier today CalArts IT has modified our wireless authentication system to broaden the load on our systems and increase redundancy.  Part of this process included creating a new security certificate, previously known as chucknorris.calarts.edu.  

Users can now reconnect to CASecure and may be prompted to accept a new security certificate, now called *.calarts.edu.  Once this process is done proper wireless service should resume.  If any issues are encountered we recommend connecting to CAConnect and running the XpressConnect tool.  XpressConnect is for both Windows and Mac computers and will automatically configure CASecure with the updated security certificate while ensuring all settings are correct.

iPhone, iPad, and iPod

If you are using iOS 4 and above you will be prompted to accept the new certificate


Once this occurs, just click Accept and CASecure service should resume.


Our Android users should not experience any interruption in service, as the new certificate will be automatically accepted.

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