2013.09.13 Network Fileshare Maintenance

At 6:30 PM on Friday, September 13th, IT will begin moving our network fileshare to a new server.  This is a very long process so to ensure the stability and reliability of the transfer we must take the server entirely offline.  No fileshares will be available during this time and there will be absolutely no possible way to access them during this time.
Here are examples of what will be affected:
  • Group/Department Shares (G:\ drives on Windows, or similar to Admissions$ on Macs)
  • Personal Shares (like the J:\ drive on Windows, on Macs they appear as your user name)
  • Student Shares (like the L:\ drive in the Library Labs, Film/Video student accounts will not be affected)
If you need to access any files on these shares download them to your Desktop before Friday to work with them over the weekend.
You will receive another email when the process is complete.  We are expecting the transfer to take at minimum two and a half days.


Update 2013.09.16

We have confirmed that the Network Fileshare Maintenance that began this past Friday at 6:30pm has completed successfully.  All fileshares should be normally accessible.  Please contact IT if you are having any trouble connecting to or using the fileshares that were affected this weekend.
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