2013.08.21 Service Interruption Details

Date: August 21, 2013
Affected: All on-campus services

11:46AM: Wireless authentication has been confirmed.  That was the last remaining service to be brought back online.  Please open a ticket if you notice any further issues.

10:28AM: Upon further investigation today's service interruption was caused by the exact fault that our upcoming scheduled network maintenance is going to address.  An issue with our primary network storage caused failures which required system checks and restarts of our large virtual environment.  This failure affected essentially any service that utilized our virtual environment.

Again, this issue is precisely what we are going to be patching for this coming Sunday (Aug 25th), so we certainly don't expect any further related issues beyond that date.

9:08AM: As of approximately 8:30AM an issue with our virtualized environment caused several services to go offline.  This affected the web environment, active directory authentication, wireless authentication, and several other on-campus services.  More details as they emerge.

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