OS X 10.10 Yosemite Update Information

CalArts IT has given the green light to OS X Yosemite.

Update Feb 6th: 

10.10.2 was released by Apple recently and has resolved almost all of the issues that were preventing us from recommending updating from previous versions.  At this point CalArts IT recommends updating your Macintosh computer to 10.10.2, but only if the applications you use do not have any incompatibilities with Yosemite.

Update Jan 23rd:

With no major updates since 10.10.1, our core recommendation of not updating to OS X Yosemite is still current.  However it is worth noting that if you have purchased a new Mac in the last few months you have 10.10 regardless of your preference (since you can't downgrade to 10.9).  We haven't seen too many issues with new Macs and 10.10, generally they run pretty well.  

The source of nearly all the problems we've seen are from computers that upgrade to 10.10.  That's when we recommend holding off updating (even though Apple reminds you every day that it's available) until the core problems we've noticed as resolved.

Update Nov 18th:

With the recent 10.10.1 update, Apple has addressed several of the problems that the initial 10.10 release had, including some Wi-Fi fixes.  It does not, however, directly address Bluetooth issues or FileVault problems.  We are still withholding our recommendation pending further updates.

CalArts IT is testing internally OS X Yosemite before approving it for Administration use.  Here are some notes and experiences we've had that may help if you come across problems after updating.

Gizmodo has a decent run down on Yosemite bugs and how to fix them (or at least be aware of them).  OSXDaily has a good article on Yosemite Wi-Fi issues and potential fixes as well. 

  • Bluetooth
    • Slow Reconnects
      • We have experienced extremely slow reconnecting of Bluetooth devices (specifically a Magic Trackpad) when waking from sleep.  To the point, even, where it seems the computer is entirely unable to use the device until it suddenly resumes working.
      • Even after a clean install of Yosemite this behavior persists.  It seems unlikely that a fundamental Order of Operations step would be moved (the timing of when Bluetooth is initiated), but given that Yosemite brings Continuity to the party that may explain it.  If Continuity is looking for other Bluetooth devices (iPad, iPhone, etc) before it initializes devices like the Trackpad, that could explain the lag.
  • Wireless

    • Some people on campus have reported random disconnects on CASecure after updating.  We are investigating.
      • This may have occurred on one of our personal laptops just this afternoon.  Upon further looking I noticed that the list of "Known Networks" was combined with my iPhone 5S running iOS 8.1.  I believe by default Keychain Syncing is enabled in the new iCloud control panel, which also sync's usernames and passwords for known networks.  I deleted everything but CASecure from the list of known networks and the connection was restored without further action needed.  I'm not entirely certain what this means but it was interesting behavior.
  • Network
    • A post on Reddit has brought to light a non-critical network issue that may result in several copies of a computer showing up in the Shared portion of the Finder window.  It appears as though Apple has changed some network programs (likely for use in Continuity) that may not be behaving properly.
  • FileVault
    • Using a mobile account on a fresh installation of Yosemite, FileVault would not successfully login if a network connection was not present.  Logging in to a local account first allowed the mobile account to login second, but that is clearly undesirable behavior.  The login screen would get approximately 35% the way through and just stop, until a network connection was introduced (in this case a Thunderbolt to Firewire connection), then login would resume about 30 seconds later.

If you notice any strange behavior please send us a note!

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