OS X 10.11 El Capitan Update Advisory

October 13th Update: We have yet to see any proper issues with updating to El Capitan.  We still do not recommend updating to El Capitan just yet, but unless we discover a specific issue our recommendation is expected to change once the 10.11.1 update is released.

October 6th Update: So far we have not noticed any real problems with 10.11.  Campus wireless continues to works properly and we have not seen any abnormal behavior in the OS that would be a huge stopping point.  The only issue we have noticed is with FileVault, but we've had consistent issues with FileVault since 10.9, so we don't necessarily know if it's an issue with 10.11 specifically.

Apple released OS X El Capitan on September 30th.  As with any new operating system release we do not advise updating to 10.11 right away.  As a general rule of thumb it's a good idea to wait until the .1 update (10.11.1).  We are testing El Capitan compatibility and will update this article with any problems, cautions, or interesting developments.

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