Which Account Do I Use?

Update: The Academic Services Account (and aar.calarts.edu) have now been wholly replaced by the Hub and your CalArts Credentials.


We often receive tickets from students who wonder why the password they've used for email no longer works for their Hub account.  There are three accounts that CalArts IT administrates, they are completely separate from each other and do not sync in any way.  Hopefully this little diagram will clear up a bit of confusion!

CalArts Credentials

Your CalArts Credentials are used for services that live on campus.  The CASecure wireless network, the Hub, WebAdvisor: all of these are physically on campus and use your CalArts Credentials.  If you need to reset your password check out the How Do I: Reset my CalArts Credentials article!

CalArts Google Apps

The CalArts Google Apps account is used for your email and other services that utilize Google logins, including cait.calarts.edu.  There are loads of websites that will let you login with your Google account, and they would all be controlled by your CalArts Google Apps account!  Check out the How Do I: Change My Email (Google Apps) Password to change your password!

Academic Services Account

First year CalArtians won't have an Academic Services Account, as it is being wholly replaced by The Hub and WebAdvisor.  Continuing students will still find some useful information there, however, at http://aar.calarts.edu.  To reset that password check out How Do I: Reset My Academic Services Password?

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