How Do I: Manually Configure CASecure (On Windows)

How to Setup CASecure on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1:

CASecure uses certificate based authentication, which in some cases can cause issues when trying to connect to wireless on computers running Windows.  If you are having trouble connecting to CASecure on your Windows machines try using the following steps to manually configure the network connection.

Note: These screenshots in this article were taken on a machine running Windows 8. However, the same basic setup applies for Windows 7 with some very slight differences which are noted in the steps.


Steps to setup:

Press the Windows key and open the control panel by searching for it in the search bar then select Network and Internet then click View Network status and tasks



Click Set up a new connection or network



Select Manually create a network profile



Enter in the following information and click "Next"



Select Change Network Settings



Then click "Settings" on the following menu



Uncheck validate server certificate then click configure and make sure the box which says  Automatically use my Windows logon and password is unchecked, then click OK




Once back in the previous menu, select advanced options and check Specify authentication mode set it to user. Then click Save credentials and enter in your CalArts Credentials (used for the HUB)



Click OK then try and connect to CASecure as you normally would.

If you have tried setting this up and your computer still cant connect to CASecure, double check that the login credentials you entered are correct. If you need to reset your login credentials for the HUB please click here.

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