How Do I: Connect my Printer, Game Console, or TV to WiFi?

The primary CalArts wireless network, CASecure, uses 802.1x authentication.  This is an enterprise-level security method that allows for individuals to use their CalArts Credentials to access the wireless network and allows for more possibilities for customized service and access based upon that login. These services include access to the wireless network, designating permissions to network file shares, and access to network printers among various other resources.


802.1x is supported by all major desktop OS's (OSX, Windows, *nix) and cellular platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).  The downside of 802.1x authentication is that is not supported by wireless printers, game consoles, or other devices that are specifically intended for home use (Kindle's don't support 802.1x either).

What Can I Do To Connect?

Several times a year we receive support requests about getting wireless printers, Xbox's, PS4's, and other game consoles on the network (and more recently, TV's).  While there isn't much you can do to get your wireless printer on CASecure, if your device connects to CAGuest and works as expected then you're all set and shouldn't have much trouble from here on out.

If your device doesn't work on CASecure, we recommend plugging it into the network over Ethernet.  CalArts does not block outbound communication that would hinder your Xbox, PS4, or TV from talking to the internet.

If Ethernet isn't an option you can stop by our office with your device (if it's reasonable to bring it in) and we can see what we can do!

Further Resources

The conflict between University networks and non-802.1x compliant devices is not a new one.  If your device is updated and becomes 802.1x compliant please let us know!

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