How Do I: Print to a Networked Printer or Copier?

Using a networked printer gives both you the capability to print wirelessly and have multiple people to send print jobs to a single printer. This article is a quick guide showing you how to add most networked printers to your computer, if you have any trouble at all just send us a ticket by clicking the Submit a Request link at the top of this page!


Use CASecure!

If you're trying to print without using an ethernet cable, the first step to getting connected to a network printer is making sure that your laptop or computer is connected to CASecure.  This is a really important step because CAGuest will not work with networked printers!

If you don't know how to connect to CASecure just take a look at our How Do I: Connect to CASecure? article!


What to know before adding the printer

Each network printer has a specific name that you'll need to know and some may require a user code in order to print.

  • Copiers tend to need user codes, so find out if yours does first and what your user code is.  Regular printers (like desktop HP printers) do not require user codes.
  • The printer name is called the DNS Name, which is typically something like  If you don't know the name of the printer you're trying to connect to just send IT a ticket and we'll lend a hand.  It is important to use the DNS name and not the IP Address, so if you know the IP Address send IT a ticket and we'll tell you what name is associated with it!

If your department or school printer is setup with print codes you may need IT or the person in charge of printing to set you up in the address book and register a print code for you, so if you're not sure just ask!


Mac OS X (10.6+)

Head over to System Preferences and click Printers & Scanners.


 Next click the + button to add a printer.


When you're at the Add page click on the IP tab at the top.  This is where you're going to enter the DNS Name of the printer, we're using for this example.  Make sure to leave the Protocol as Line Printer Daemon - LPD.


Your computer should automatically identify the printer and select the appropriate drivers to make it work.  In this bottom section you can give the printer a specific name if you'd like, if you don't your computer will use the DNS Name.  The Location isn't required, but can be helpful if you have a lot of printers to keep track of.

If your computer fills out the Use: box with something like Generic Network Printer you're probably either not on CASecure or you can't properly communicate with the printer.  If you see that message and you are on CASecure just send IT a note and we'll take a look at it!


Once that is done just click Add and it should now appear in your available printers list.


If your printer does not use print codes then you're all set!  If it does use print codes then these next few steps are required:

  • Open a program like Word or TextEdit and print a blank document.  That will bring up your Print Dialog where we can set your user code.
  • Just below Orientation there is a drop down box, click it and select Job Log.
  • A new set of options will appear, make sure to click the Enable User Code box.
  • In the text box below Enable User Code is where you'll type in your user code!


If you're printing to a shared color copier we recommend making two presets: one that only prints Black and White and another for when you want to print Color

A Black and White print costs about 1/10th of a color print, so if you decide to print an email and there is any color on the page at all it counts as a color printer.

If you're trying to print color but no prints are coming out of the copier your user code may be restricted.  If that's the case go to your school office first, as they generally control the user codes, and then come to IT if they don't know why it isn't working.

Once you've set your preferred settings click on the Presets drop down box and click Save Current Settings as Preset... 


 The name you set here does not affect anything but your computer, so name give it an appropriate name like Color Printing or B/W Printing.  Click OK when you're done.


You can setup any number of presets you like.  If you want to have double-sided printing (called Duplex) easy to find you can make a preset for that, or if you wanted stapling to be a preset you could make one for that as well (if the copier has that feature)!


Windows 7, 8.1, and 10

Open the start menu and select Devices and Printers.


In the control panel menu click Add a printer.


From the following menu select Add a local printer.


Then click the radio button for Create a new port and select Standard TCP/IP Port from the drop down menu.


In the next windows you're going to type in the DNS Name of the printer, in this example we're using

When you're using Windows it's best (but not easiest) to have the printer drive already downloaded and waiting to be installed, but if you don't have that click the checkbox next to Query the printer and automatically select the driver to use before you click Next.


If Windows is unable to find the right drive just give IT a call, but if it does find it you'll be taken to the next screen where you can set your own name for the printer if you'd like.  Click Next when you've done that.


On the next screen you'll be asked if you want to share the printer.  Don't, it's a bad idea.  Click the radio button next to Do not share this printer and click Next.


If your printer does not use print codes then you're all set!  If it does use print codes then you have a couple more steps:

Go back to the Devices and Printers screen where you started and find your new printer.  Right click on the icon and click on Printer Preferences.

The next screen shot is usually what you'll see in Printer Preferences, if yours looks different just look for User Code, and if you can't find that just give IT a call! 

Click on the Detailed Settings tab and look for Job Setup.  When you click on that you should see the User Code field below and a textbox where you'll just need to type in your user code!


When you print to a color printer it will default to using color (naturally), but if you're printing to a shared color copier we recommend that you set your default printing to only Black and White.  Black and White prints cost about 1/10th of what color prints do, and any color on the page will make it a color print.  So, please be mindful of what you print and if it really needs to have color!

If you're trying to print color but no prints are coming out of the copier your user code may be restricted.  If that's the case go to your school office first, as they generally control the user codes, and then come to IT if they don't know why it isn't working.


As always, if you have any trouble don't hesitate to contact IT at, the Submit a Request button at the top of this page, or by phone at x7887!






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