How Do I: Access my Paystubs?

As of January 2014, all CalArts employees (student workers and institute employees) have access to their paystubs and W2 statements, via the HUB. If you need to access W-2 statements prior to 2014, contact the Payroll office at

An updated version of the HUB is currently in the works that will ultimately provide a clean and simple method for saving and printing physical copies of Paystubs and W-2 statements.

How Do I Find My Paystubs and W-2 Statements on the HUB?

Finding your paystubs and W-2 statements on the HUB simply requires following a few steps:

Logging In to the HUB

Paystubs are called Pay Advices and are available through the HUB, which you can get to at  You have probably logged in to the Hub before but as a reminder you need to use your CalArts Credentials.  

Find the WebAdvisor for Employees dropdown menu

Both Pay Advices & W-2's are available through the Employee Profile section of WebAdvisor for Employees.

Pay Advices

The Pay Advices page shows all of your paystubs for the current calendar.  Click on one of the dates listed to open the pay period ending on that date.  To see paystubs from other years just click on the Select Other Year dropdown menu.

Understanding the Pay Advices

We are blurring out a lot of information here, of course, but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact Payroll.


The Earning portion of your Pay Advices should be pretty clear.  This example is for an exempt (salaried) position.  Non-exempt (hourly) positions would have the Hours and Rate columns populated.  The Current($) column computes what is included in this pay period while the YTD($) column computes your year-to-date total pay for each row of Earnings (vacation, regular, sick leave, etc).


This is an itemized list of deductions coming from this pay period and year-to-date.  A number of these are also contributions, like towards reimbursement accounts, HMO costs, etc. 

EE stands for Employee and ER stands for Employer.  So The first column, EE CURRENT($), is what you as the Employee contributed from this paycheck.  EE YTD($) is what you've contributed year-to-date.  ER CURRENT($) is what CalArts has contributed in this current pay period and ER YTD($) is what CalArts has contributed year-to-date.

If you need to save or print a copy of your paystub or W-2 the best way to do this is to open the paystub or W-2, highlight all the relevant information and copy / paste it into a Word document. From there you should be able to print or save a copy as a PDF. If you need any assistance with this please submit a ticket or email us at

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