Faculty: How Do I Submit Grades?

Submitting your grades in the Hub is a fairly straightforward process.  There are, however, a few things you need to be aware of before getting started to make sure your grading experience is quick, painless, and as frustration-free as possible!

Before Getting Started

Use Firefox

Although you will be able to login to do your grading with Safari, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer, we strongly recommend using Firefox.  If you run in to any problems the first question we're going to ask is "Are you using Firefox?"  

Don't use a Mobile Device (iPad, iPhone, Android)

You're going to have an unnecessarily frustrating experience if you use a mobile device to do your grading. At this moment, the Hub does not handle mobile browsers gracefully.

Submitted Grades Cannot be Changed

When you have entered your grades and you click the Submit button you will be unable to change those grades.  Grade changes are made through the Registrar's Office or individually through the online grade change form.

Acceptable Grade Formats

When looking at your class lists you will see a textbox labeled Grade for each of your students. You will need to type in the grade for each student. If you input a grade that is not on the following list, you will receive an error asking you to correct it:

HP - High Pass

P - Pass

LP - Low Pass

NC - No Credit  

I - Incomplete

Keep in mind that there are no spaces between HP, LP, and NC.  If you enter H P instead of HP for a student you will get an error.

Please note that Incomplete grades are to be used when a student has not finished course work due to special circumstances.   

The Registrar's Office has a specific form to fill out for Incomplete grades, the Incomplete Grade Contract (link).  Please enter an I grade on the Hub and complete the Hub Helper  Incomplete Grade Contract to have the Incomplete grade recorded and confirmed.

Incomplete grades that are changed, once completed, will become part of a student’s permanent record, while blank grades filled in later are not.

Entering Your Grades

In this example, we're following Mike while he enters his grades step-by-step.  We'll note any errors we get and explain what they mean and how to avoid or correct them.

1. Log in to the Hub

Grading is available through the Hub, which you can access at https://hub.calarts.edu.  The Hub uses your CalArts Credentials.  If you need to reset your password just click here.

3. Find your Classes

Select the appropriate Term.  In this particular case, we are entering in grades for Spring 2017.  Click Submit once the Term is selected.

You do not have to enter in any information for either Start Date or End Date.

The next page lists the classes that Mike is teaching.  All sections of each course Mike is teaching are lumped together.

Make sure to select Final in the dropdown box labeled Final or Midterm/Intermediate Grading.  If you accidentally select Intermediate and enter any grades you will need to re-enter them as Final grades.

In this example, we are going to enter grades for Mike's CSCM-355-01 Sex and Death class.

Again, there are multiple sections of this class, but for grading purposes they are all displayed in one list.

Both Expire Date and Last Date of Attendance should be left blank.

If a student never attended class enter an "NC" - No Credit grade and check the Never Attended box.

4. Enter your Grades

We're only seeing a selection of the students in Mike's class for the purposes of this tutorial.  No matter how many students you have, the same rules and procedures apply.

In this example, Mike has the grades ready for these first five students.  You are not required to input all grades for all students in a course at one time.

You will be automatically logged out after 30 minutes if you do not click the Submit button.  This is called a timeout, and is the same thing that happens after a period of inactivity on other websites (like your bank, for example).  

If you are not a speedy typist we recommend taking the following precautions to avoid unnecessary frustration:

  1. Getting all of your grades ready before entering them.
  2. Regularly clicking Submit after a certain number of students (usually 15-25).

You will not receive an alert before you are logged out automatically.  Please click Submit regularly.

Once Mike has put in all of the grades he has ready he scrolls down to the bottom of the page, looking for the Submit button.

Before clicking that button, however, it is very important to understand that any grades you've entered at this point will become permanent.  If you need to make changes to a grade after clicking Submit you must contact the Registrar's Office or use the online grade change form.

You can confirm your grades were accepted after clicking Submit by returning to the grading page.  

Grades that were properly entered and accepted will be shown and will be unable to be changed.

That's It!

If you have any questions about how grading works, or if you have a specific question that is not covered in this tutorial please contact either the Registrar's Office (x7842) or the Provost's Office (x2124).

Errors when Submitting Grades

If Mike decides to input grades like "H P" or P+ he will get an error stating those are not valid grades.

Mike can correct those errors without losing any of the other information he's entered. 

However, if he closes the browser window, or goes to a different course before fixing those errors, all the grades on the page will be lost.  

Grading is all-or-nothing: all grades that you enter must be in the correct format before any grades will be recorded.

If you receive an error during the grading process the system will tell you which Student ID number the error relates to.  

If you have a long list of students you can find that number quickly in your browser by clicking on the Edit menu then going to Find and typing in the relevant Student ID number.

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