Faculty: Using the Hub and WebAdvisor

WebAdvisor is a tool that provides online class rosters, grading, and mentee information for CalArts faculty members. For easy-to-remember access, the tool is housed on the “Hub” (hub.calarts.edu) which is a secure online news and information site that has been specifically built and tailored for the CalArts community.

Logging In

CAIT recommends using Firefox for optimum functionality of this site.

Go to hub.calarts.edu and log in with your username (without the @calarts.edu) and password (CalArts credentials). If you are unable to log in, and you would like to reset your credentials, click here.

If you try to log into the HUB and it constantly prompts you to log in, instead of proceeding to the homescreen, try resetting your cookies and your cache.


Once you are logged in, click on the WebAdvisor for Faculty menu option on the right side (you may need to scroll down).

Clicking User Account will allow you to change your password and the address on file.

Faculty Information

Clicking on Faculty Information allows access to a number of features: Class Rosters, Grading, Mentee Information, and Class Schedule

Note: Once you select an option, this menu will now appear on the left-side of your screen.

My Advisees

Click on My Advisees to view your mentees. Select a term and click Submit.

All your assigned mentees for that term will be listed.

Select an action from the drop-down box to get more information about one of your mentees and click Submit.


  • Student Transcript - View the student’s academic record listed with course #/title, grade, units, and the term.
  • Student Schedule - View the student’s current schedule.
  • Student Test Summary - View the student’s placement test results.
  • Student Profile - View student’s address, email, phone number, mentor, emergency contact/s, and academic warnings.
  • Degree Audit - Program evaluation provides an analysis of degree requirements for a student’s program. This is a tool to assist students and mentors in monitoring student’s progress towards completing a degree. Only new BFA students have Critical Studies requirements in program evaluation. Additional features will be added for all BFA students throughout the semester.


Class Roster

In the left-hand menu, click on Class Roster to view your roster/s for a selected term.

Click on the class title to see a roster for each section.


For a step by step guide on submitting grades, click here.

Class Schedule

In the left-hand menu, click on My Class Schedule to view your schedule for a selected term.


Student academic records are protected under FERPA (Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act). By the nature of your position at CalArts, you have access to information that you may need to use for mentoring a student. You may not share this information with anyone without the written consent of the student.

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