HubTime/WebAdvisor Not Working with Safari 7

October 9 2014 Update: Our Application Development team implemented a fix for this bug and we've now confirmed Safari 7 works with HubTime.  Let us know if you experience any trouble with Safari and HubTime!

In the middle of September 2014 we began receiving reports of the WebAdvisor portion of the Hub not responding or perpetually loading.  This was problematic for several reasons, but most especially because it prevented students, faculty, and staff from entering or approving timesheets. 

After a bit of investigation we have determined that an update to Safari 7 (and Safari 7.1) that occurred when Apple released iOS 8 broke something.  That's not the most scientific phrasing obviously, but we aren't sure what yet happened to create this behavior.  Safari is the default browser in OS X and is used by a large contingent of our community, so this is especially irritating.

We strongly recommend using Firefox to interact with the Hub.  It is the only browser we have so far not had any problems with, even through major updates.  Google's Chrome works almost as well as Firefox, but we have noticed some issues with that as well, however infrequent.

The CAIT article "What Browser Should I Use?" will always be kept updated with our recommendations!

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